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Q: How do I pay for an item I have ordered? 

We offer the following payment options:
    1. Pay cash on delivery when the item is shipped to your home. Please note delivery charges may vary depending on the location and item(s) you have ordered. 

    2. Reserve the item and make an appointment by emailing us at: or calling us at +923238223055 to pick up and pay at our location (this is valid for Karachi only).  

    3. Make an advanced online bank transfer. Once we have received the payment we will your ship item to you accordingly.

Q: How do I sell something on Secret Stash?

  1. The item(s) must be sent to us in Karachi where we check their authenticity and condition - it must not have stains or marks or be very beat up.
  2. If it meets our selling criteria then we will keep the items while they are on sale on our website (while on sale on Secret Stash, they cannot be available elsewhere and you cannot retract the item for a minimum of 30 days). If they do not meet our selling criteria, then we will return them back to you (you’ll be charged return shipping as per the courier).
  3. When we receive your items we will confirm the condition that we’ve received them in to ensure we’re all on the same page. We highly recommend sending them in protective material to ensure your items are stored safely and there’s minimal wear & tear while in our care. If they don’t sell within the agreed time period we will return them in the same condition they were received.
  4. The selling price can not be more or same as the original price. The bigger the discount the more likely it will sell.
  5. if an item sells from our website we keep a 25% commission from the final sale price.
  6. After 30 days we will contact you to settle your payment for sold items and the way forward for unsold items.
  7. If it does not sell after 90 days, your items will be returned back to you (you’ll be charged return shipping as per the courier).
  8. Once we get in touch with you to collect unsold items, we require you to revert within 30 days. If we do not hear back from you within this timeframe, your items will be disposed of as we deem fit. 
  9. Please ensure all your items have been cleaned (try to clean any spots and wipe them down so there's no dust or dirt) and check all the pockets are clean and do not have any personal items before sending them.
  10. Please make sure you clearly put your name, contact information and where you’ve been communicating with us when you send your items so we know who has sent them. 

For further information, please call us at 0323-8223055 or email at 

Q: What is your return/ refund policy?

We have a strict no refund and no exchange policy - all sales are final.

Q: Will people know if I have bought or sold something on Secret Stash? 

We have a strict privacy policy where Secret Stash will not reveal a buyer or seller's identity or personal information. We respect our customers' right to anonymity. 

Q: How do I know what the condition of an item for sale is? 

Each item for sale has a description where we state if there are any marks, stains, scratches or any other noticeable details they should know. We want our customers to have the best possible shopping experience and try to be as honest as possible.

Secret Stash has the following 4 condition categories: 

      1. Brand New -The item has never been used with no visible marks of wear. Sometimes it may have a mark or two from storage. and in some cases still have it's original tags in place.  
      2. Like New - The item may have been used once or twice and will have minimal signs of wear.
      3. Gently Used - The item is used but in excellent condition and will have a few signs of wear that aren't very noticeable.
      4. Pre Loved - The item has been used and has signs of wear which we will clearly write.