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In late 2013, I was visiting San Francisco and happened upon a lot of high end vintage stores. While browsing I kept wishfully thinking that why don’t we have something like this back home in Pakistan. 

There are so many women in our society who’ve spent a lot of money on designer bags, shoes and accessories that they’re not using anymore. Whether they’ve worn them a lot and are now bored or it just doesn’t fit properly. We all have stuff that we don’t use but we don’t want to just give away since we’ve spent good money on them that are now taking up precious closet space. 

On the other end, there are also a lot of women who aspire to own high end luxury items but often can’t afford to buy them at full market price.

This thought stayed with me and a few months later I quit my corporate job and in December 2014 launched Secret Stash, Pakistan’s first online curated marketplace where you can buy and sell new and used original designer items for a discount.

One of the key features of Secret Stash is that we ensure anonymity. Nobody knows who is buying or who is selling. Your identity will remain a secret unless you, yourself want to tell people about us - which we would love!! :)   

We also check each piece before it's put online to ensure authenticity and quality. Customers can shop with confidence knowing each article is inspected to ensure genuineness.

As a start up still in it's infancy, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to share your feedback via email at or call us at +92-323-8223055.

And of course we're on all your favorite social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest) as 'secretstashpk' so you can always contact us there. 

--- Nazish Hussain (Founder, Secret Stash)