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Top 5 Reasons to Shop with Secret Stash

Affordable Luxury Chanel Louis Vuitton

Top 5 reasons you should shop with Secret Stash


Shopping is often a guilty pleasure for many of us, especially when it comes to designer purchases of luxury shoes and handbags. This doesn’t always have to be the case - why? - enter Secret Stash, Pakistan’s first online marketplace that allows women to buy pre-loved luxury items at bargain prices. With its birth in December 2014, Secret Stash has slowly built a loyal customer base and if you’re still unsure about taking the plunge and buying pre-loved, your dedicated in-house intern/coffee-maker/scapegoat is here to tell you why you should!

1) It saves you a ton of money!!

Now this one’s a no-brainer, when we buy off-the-shelf we also pay for the privilege of owning first-hand and fresh off the runway merchandise and while some can dish out $3000 for a Chanel clutch, many of us cannot. Now with Secret Stash’s variety, quality assurance, and bargain prices, you can finally afford that Louis Vuitton that you’ve been drooling over without breaking the bank! 

Mr Krab Money


2) You don’t have to worry about authenticity!

Living in Pakistan, we all know that when shopping for products online or trading on local Facebook pages we need to be extra careful because the products can often turn out to be fake, faulty or not at all what we pictured when we first ordered. Now with Secret Stash, you have a middle-(wo)man to ensure that what you order is what you get. We thoroughly check if all our items are clean and in good condition, making sure to detail whatever wear and tear there may be in our product descriptions. We also painstakingly certify that all the products we receive and sell are 100% authentic and even if we have a shadow of a doubt that it’s a fake piece, we return it to the sender. Hence, by buying pre-loved with us you don’t have to compromise on quality and you have a trusted team dedicated to ensuring that what you see is what you get. If you still don’t believe us, we have plenty of happy customers in our review section on the Facebook page!



3) It’s a Green Choice

One of the major benefits of buying pre-loved items is that you’re making a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. Used clothes, bags, and shoes often end up in landfills to be buried or burnt; heavily adding to methane production and harming our precious atmosphere! Here at Secret Stash we firmly believe in the mantra “reuse, recycle and re-love” and what better way to do that than investing in stylish high-quality products that’ll last you for years rather than running after trends that you’ll probably wear for a few months, stash at the back of your closet and eventually end up throwing away.

Recycle Reuse


4) You’re helping out local women! 

In the capitalist abyss that is the 21st century, many of us can and should practice mindful consumerism – the idea that you reflect on the consequences of paying for a good or service. Now with the option of Secret Stash, you can not only help a budding start-up get its feet off the ground but you’re also helping women raise a little extra $$$ on the side, who may need it more than the fashion tycoons who already generate millions of dollars a year!

5) Anonymity

Finally, here at Secret Stash, we understand how if others in our social circle discovered that we were buying pre-loved items, they would turn their nose up on such an idea. That’s why we take the anonymity of our buyers and sellers VERY seriously, so much so that we’ve even put it in our name! Now you can enjoy your designer purchase in peace without the fear of being judged by your local snobby Desi Aunty.


Written By: Sana Rizvi (In-house Secret Stash slave of the month) 

Have questions or comments? Leave a message in the comments section below and we will get back to you! 

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